Rotana Masriya – قناة روتانا مصرية

Rotana Masriya – قناة روتانا مصرية

هي قناة من شبكة روتانا السعودية، افتتحت عام 2011م ، وتعرض بعض الأفلام والمسلسلات والبرامج الحوارية الشبابية والبرامج السياسية والفنية. بدأ بثها الرسمي في 21 مايو 2011

Rotana Masriya is a free-to-air satellite TV channel that is owned by Rotana Group network, it was launched on 21 May 2011, after the Egyptian uprising in January 2011.

The channel’s name Masriya in Arabic means Egyptian. It is a purely Egyptian oriented channel. It is in the right place to entertain the most populous country in the MENA region, Egypt and gaining legions of fans from around the Arab world in the process.

From live talk shows to entertaining local reality and talent shows, to highlights of popular shows on other Rotana channels, to the all-important series segment, Rotana Masriya lives up to its confident representation of the region’s entertainment hub.

The channel won the award of The Best Youth Show in the Arab World in the second year of Cairo’s Radio and TV Mondial.

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